In April 2007, the Sunimprof-Rottaprint Group from Cluj-Napoca, the biggest flexographic printing house from Romania, acquired a new UV flexo equipment. This printing equipment belongs to the new FA-Line generation produced by the Danish manufacturer, Nilpeter. The FA-Line series is ideal for printing an extremely broad range of materials: self-adhesive, metallized paper for food packages or ice-cream sleeve cones, flexible packages, cardboard, and so on.

The new servo equipment features a broad range of printing options, and the possibility to handle future printing technologies.

The equipment's features allow the adhesive-side printing, different colour foil application for label refining, screen printing, self-adhesive lamination. Thanks to the larger printing size, we get a higher productivity, lower production times for our customers jobs, minimum waste due to its advanced technology, while obtaining a perfect quality printing.

Thanks to the plate mounting technology, there are very short set-up times. The "Print Management" unit allows the presetting of production parameters, while providing an exceptional quality. All the information related to each job is memorized, so that when the job is repeated, the data already registered in the computer may be accessed, thus eliminating the differences in printing that may occur in repetitive jobs.

With low waste and set-up times reduced to seconds per unit, this printing press is extremely easy to operate. Directed mainly towards the production of self-adhesive labels in rolls, the SUNIMPROF-ROTTAPRINT Group offers with seriousness and professionalism solutions and products in the packaging-labelling field. The facilities offered by the new equipment assure the achievement of high-quality products, the main objective of the SUNIMPROF-ROTTAPRINT Group being that of meeting its customers requirements.[Képek megtekintése +]
In March 2007, the new 1000 sqm warehouse located in Stefanestii de Jos, on the ring road from the Northern part of Bucharest became functional.
The investment in this new logistic center amounts to over EUR 1 million. The main reason for making this investment is the respect for our business partners, respect that lies at the heart of the commercial policy of the Sunimprof-Rottaprint Group. Besides the utmost attention given to the on-going improvement of our products? quality, we also concentrate our efforts to diversify and optimize our services.
Keeping the delivery schedule for our products is an important criterion for meeting our customer's requirements; in this sense, the new Logistic Center will make the delivery of our products to our customers from Bucharest and from the country's Southern and Eastern areas more efficient.
The construction of the new Logistic Center from Stefanestii de Jos is part of a more extensive project which aims to reorganize the business units across the country. At the end of May, the warehouse from Timisoara, with a surface of 1000 sqm, will also be completed, and in the summer of 2007, the construction of a new production hall in Apahida, Cluj, will be started.[Képek megtekintése +]
As a continuation of our company's tradition, in November 2006, there was a party organized in the Chios Restaurant from Cluj-Napoca, where the management of the Sunimprof-Rottaprint Group engineered a surprise award for the company's "veterans". On this occasion, there were shown archive images with the employees having more than 10 years of service in the company, memories were recounted and each employee who was awarded a prize received as a gift a T-shirt, personalized with his/her own image taken many years ago.
But the "cherry on the cake" was the planning for the spring of 2007 of a 3-day trip in one of the European cities. This surprise award took shape in March 2007, when 24 of our colleagues, who, through their work and dedication, have contributed to the company's development, "wore out" their shoes walking on the streets of Rome, one of the most beautiful and loaded with history capitals in the world! They broke the record in the number of visited touristic attractions, tasted the Italian famous food recipes, "loaded" themselves with souvenirs and came back home, extremely impressed and proud to have trodden in the steps of their predecessors.
We thank them for having shared with us the experiences they lived in Rome. We are also grateful to them, as thanks to their work, tenacity and dedication, today we are all members of a renowned company. [Képek megtekintése +]
Each year SUNIMPROF-ROTTAPRINT team meet, young and old together, to celebrate... anything: the results of our first semester, the acquisition of a new machine, the welcome of our new colleagues? We could also call it team-building, or "summer meeting"; at any rate, we all have a great time and are happy that "summer is not like winter"[Képek megtekintése +]
This year, SUNIMPROF took part at the ALL PACK international packaging exhibition again, exhibiting new products from the packaging and labelling field: modified atmosphere packaging machines.
This year the participation was fruitful, as many companies proved to be interested in the products placed on the market by the SUNIMPROF-ROTTAPRINT Group.
We invite you to watch some of the photos taken at our stand![Képek megtekintése +]
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